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[Copy] Be careful ! Some fake KM Titanium machines in current market

Some fake KM Titanium machines in current market

Hello everyone , i would like to share some useful information in current market . Please be careful when you are going to buy KM brand machines in your local . There are lots of fake KM machines now according to our some customers feedback .

There is a fraud company in Iran selling fake machines . Now they have branch in Iran and selling cheap and fake Titanium machines with other brand .

We made a depth survey . They have no factory . You must be careful if you want to do long terms cooperation with them . There is no factory , no certificates which prove ability and legality such as FDA, TUV 13485 and Medical CE , no famous brand energy meter etc . Even their office in China is rented .They are ready to fail and run away anytime and disappear.

So when you not sure the machine you will buy if real KM machines or not . Please contact me directly to help you clear it .

Those fake KM machines we found as below :

First one :

IMG_1238(20230427-082452) IMG_1239(20230427-082452)

Above handpiece is one poor quality and much cheap product in Chinese market now . There is no treatment result when you use it finally . 

1 2

Please check above communication with that customer who was cheated by one seller in local . 


 Here is the picture of that fake machine . 



Hope can help you in this way to buy real and original KM machine avoid big risk when use fake machines .


And welcome to feedback when you met the fake KM machines condition .

Best regrads



Post time: May-08-2023