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How to distinguish if real KM Titanium machine?

1)  Check if new shell with injection molding process technology. That molding technology process worth 240 thousand USD, only real KM brand Titanium machine with that shell in current market. More beautiful, upscale, greener and more exquisite. You can download the below PDF file to check details about our new Injection moding process technology shell.

Advantage of new Injection molding process technology shell.pdf

2)  Only KM company have Isreal VEGA energy meter to make sure real output per shot is same as treament paraemeters in software showing. Only our KM Titanium 1200W can reach max pulse width 300ms, others all only 200ms Why our 1200W can reach 320J, because the duty cycle is 40% meaning real pulse width 300ms. It can beat 200ms absolutely of other suppliers machine. Many fake high power machines in current market, you should let them test real output with Israel VEGA energy meter to prove their machines is real 300ms pulse width, not fake one in software.


3) KM 2022 Version handpeice with LCD and KM unique designed metal magnetic attraction facial tip. Only we have that metal magnetic attraction facial tip, others all cheap plastic one with bad cooling effect.


4) KM official website . www.laserkm.com . The best way is that you can log in our official website to contact Eric, there is an email address and WhatsApp number.

Then we can help you distinguish your machine if real KM brand or fake one.
We can help you distinguish if real 3 wavelength or fake one. Because we find lots of fake 3 waves Soprano Titanium selling with cheaper price on market.
We can help you distinguish if have real FDA and TUV Medical CE approved . Lots of supplier PS fake certificates. I can teach you how to check their certificate if real in certificates offical website.

Congratulations !
After all above inspection, then you can get one perfect KM Titanium machine.

Post time: Sep-05-2022