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Be careful ! Some fake KM Titanium machines in current market

Some fake KM Titanium machines in current market

Hello everyone , i would like to share some useful information in current market . Please be careful when you are going to buy KM brand machines in your local . There are lots of fake KM machines now according to our some customers feedback .

So when you not sure the machine you will buy if real KM machines or not . Please contact me directly to help you clear it .

Those fake KM machines we found as below :

First one :

IMG_1238(20230427-082452) IMG_1239(20230427-082452)

Above handpiece is one poor quality and much cheap product in Chinese market now . There is no treatment result when you use it finally . 

1 2

Please check above communication with that customer who was cheated by one seller in local . 


 Here is the picture of that fake machine . 



Hope can help you in this way to buy real and original KM machine avoid big risk when use fake machines .


And welcome to feedback when you met the fake KM machines condition .

Best regrads



Post time: Apr-27-2023