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Why KM diode laser machines more powerful than others with same power?

Such as our 1200W model real output even higher than 1600W of other brand machine.

Because our duty cycle is higher , ours real pulse width is 300ms , others real pulse width is 200ms. But how to distinguish real duty cycle of machine? 
Only use the most famous brand Israel VEGA energy meter to test real output per pulse. Because even you write 300ms in software treatment interface that may fake hidden energy. Or you use a simple Chinese brand energy matter to test a high fake data energy. Those all useless information for useful performance machine .

What’s the aim of the treatment ?

The objective is to prevent further hair growth in that area. That’s obvious, but let’s be more specific.

The treatment tries to damage hair follicles to such an extent that it no longer generates (or generates less) hair.

Laser hair removal system might be a bit complex to explain. But we will try anyway.

LASER tech generates heat. What you are looking for is to increase the temperature in a specific range (above 62 and 65 Centigrade) to be able to COAGULATE specific PROTEINS. It tries to destroy or damage the vessels that nourish some of those proteins as well, without damaging the surrounding cells (the tissues that are covering them).

The proteins that the laser tries to destroy are:

Melanin (located in the Keratinocytes, “easy” to attack as it absorbs the light and heats up thanks to it’s pigmentation ).
Hemoglobin (located in the capillary vessels that nourish the bulb).

The challenge is not only to achieve an effective treatment, but also to protect the Epidermis during all this process. Since the heat can damage it significantly.

This is where the famous ICE technology takes place. A refrigeration system is needed to make all this possible while minimizing side effects.

Post time: Sep-05-2022